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by Matt Bilotti

You spend so much time and effort getting people to come to your website. Often, once they get there, they're left to find answers on their own or fill out a form to learn more.

Now, the Drift Live View shows you, in real time, who is on your website at any given moment. Whether it's returning leads or new site visitors, the Drift Live View is a table that changes as people switch pages, come, and go from your site. And, in just a couple clicks, you can send them a message to kick off a new conversation.

Right now the Live View is only available in the Starter plans and above. Learn more about our pricing here


If somebody already has a campaign delivered to them on the page they're on, will this message override that campaign?

The message you send from the Live View will override an existing message, but will not override a campaign that is already displaying.

What will this message look like to the end user?

Drift will put your chat within the welcome message and display your face to show that the message is coming from you. Here's a screenshot...

What things can I filter the Live View table by?

You can use the search box on the Live View and search by...

  • URL/page they're on
  • Name of lead/visitor
  • Email of lead/visitor

What happens if I send a message and the visitor is already gone by the time I click send?

If they were already identified (IE: they gave their email address or you set the Drift widget to identify them), after 15 minutes they will get the message you sent to them, so long as you have Email Followup turned on.

What happens once I do send a message? Can I view that conversation?

Once you send a message, a new conversation will be created, which you can find in your Conversations view in Drift. We'll leave you on the Live View page so you can fire off a few more messages before responses start rolling in.

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