LeadBot is Becoming Playbooks

Updated 3 weeks ago by Sara Pion

By now, you may have noticed Drift is moving our interface to become more Playbooks friendly. We're moving away from a do-it-yourself platform, and more towards a pre-packaged platform that is easier for YOU to use! 

The first Playbook that was created harnessed our LeadBot technology to now include conversation routing and scheduling right inside the set up!

From there, we moved over the LeadBot flow for Pro plans to be reflected in the Playbooks interface. 

Find out what Playbooks you have access to with your plan here!

But where am I going with this? 

We decided LeadBots should now live in Playbooks. 

What that means is when you want to create a LeadBot flow and associate it with a campaign, the process will be A LOT shorter than before. 

Previously, you had to 

  1. Go to your LeadBot Page
  2. Create the LeadBot flow 
  1. Go to another page in your app (Campaigns)
  2. Create a campaign associated with that LeadBot

What do you have to do now? 

  1. Go to your Playbooks Marketplace and choose what kind of Playbook you'd like to create 
  2. Create your Leadbot flow, target, and publish the Playbook all in one view!

What changes for you if you use LeadBot today?

We're going to move all your LeadBots over to Playbooks for you!

That means that your LeadBot campaigns will be found under "Playbooks" in your lefthand sidebar, rather than using the "Leadbot" and "Campaigns" buttons. 

When we make the push to move LeadBot flows over to Playbooks, those buttons will not be available on the sidebar anymore. Learn more about the change to Campaigns here

How we're rolling this out

We're going to make sure that this is rolled out with as much notice as possible. You will receive messages from us in your app, as well as in your email inbox just to make sure you know when your account has been switched over!

We are trying to make it as easy as possible to make the switch, which is why we'll move your LeadBots over to Playbooks for you! 

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