Where Messages Go When your Customer Leaves the Site

by Matt Bilotti

Sometimes when somebody is talking to you via chat on your site or in your app, they leave. They have things to do, which is totally fine.

If you are on the Paid Plan: 

  • Unread messages will send via email within 1 minute if the end user is offline and has unread messages
  • Unread messages will send via email in 15 minutes if the end user is online and has unread messages

If you are on the Free Plans: 

  • Unread messages will send via email after 15 minutes. 

We also built the fallback to show who you were chatting with at the time, and only sends now if the messages are unread.

We’ll also give you a heads up that the conversation was sent via email, like this:

We can only send email fallback to site visitors who have provided their email address. 📬

But what does the email follow up look like from the customer's end?

Drift conversations are fluid for the end user.  The email they get in the fallback also has a link to the chat widget, so they can respond directly to the conversation in the widget. If you then respond and they’re not there to receive the message via chat, it will get sent to them via email again.

If the user replies directly to the email, it will also get posted as a response to the conversation in the chat sidebar on your website. 

You can enable this by configuring your chat settings here.

All of our plans offer email fallback so that you never have to worry about losing contact with a lead.

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