Make Sure the Right Calendar is Used with the Book a Qualified Meeting Playbook and Salesforce Routing

by Sara Pion

If you are using Salesforce routing rules and want to ensure the correct rep's calendar is added to the conversation when using the Book a Qualified Meeting via LeadBot Playbook there is one trick you should use to make sure this works as expected. 

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In your LeadBot flow, make sure to add an email capture question. 

Screen Recording 2017-11-10 at 10.37 AM.gif

This will ensure that you can identify the person who is interacting with the LeadBot, and it will allow our system to look up the account owner for that email in Salesforce. Make sure that this email capture

That way, the appropriate person will be added to the conversation and your sales team will be able to stay in contact. 

When the correct rep is routed, you should see the notification in the conversations view like this: 

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