Transferring your Campaigns/Leadbots into Playbooks

by Matt Bilotti

Hey there!

You're probably reading this because you got an email about transferring your campaigns into Playbooks.

Here's more info about what will happen once you transfer your campaigns into Playbooks....

After you click the button to move things over, you'll be able to chat with a DriftBot that will allow you to book a time with your Customer Success Manager or a Customer Advocate to answer any questions you might still have about this switch (we promise it's for the better).

With that one click, all of your campaigns and LeadBots (both running and paused) will continue exactly how they had previously worked and have all the data they used to have.

Here are some resources for you about the switch:

  • Blog post that explains Playbooks and why they exist

  • Help doc about the transition

  • Help doc that explains which Playbook to use in the future when making new ones

  • Help doc about which Playbook is on which plan (You will still have access to all the same level functionality you used to have, even if it has moved to a new plan)

Please do this before September 21st  because on that day we're going to force-migrate accounts.  We have some exciting new Playbooks on the way and will no longer supporting the code that makes campaigns work in favor of these new Playbooks.

You won’t lose any functionality in your existing campaigns by making this’ll only be gaining power and better reporting.

In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions. You know where to find us 😄.

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