Setting Up Video Campaigns - [Beta feature]

Updated 4 days ago ​by Connor Gross

Now with integrating videos in Campaigns - you're able to use all of the video content you have to help educate and onboard new customers!

This is still a Beta Feature – it hasn't been rolled out to all accounts yet! We're offering this to Pro Plans only, for the moment! If you want early access, send us a chat and any of our Driftlings on the team will set it up for you.

Setup is simple: 

Here’s how to do it...

Create Your Campaign

Click the Campaigns tab on your left sidebar and click the button in the upper right corner of the Campaigns page titled New Campaign.

Once you select the type of your campaign it will bring you to the Compose page. Set your delivery method, theme, and create a headline!  

Add Video Link to Message

Clear  the text field labeled Message and paste a URL to your video. Highlight the link and double click. This will open a toolbar, click the video button to the far right.

You should see a preview of your video pop up.

Finish Setting Up Your Campaign

Click the green Next button at the bottom of the page, bringing you to the Target page. Set you targeting, then hit the green Next button again. Review your campaign details and if everything looks good hit the green Send Campaign button!

A video is worth a thousand words– capture your customer's interest with this new way to campaign!

We can only use YouTube and Vimeo videos at this time. This feature does not yet apply to email campaigns.

If you run into any trouble, let us know. We’re here to help!

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