Greet Outbound Prospects You Emailed

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Setting Up the Playbook:

This playbook is available on the Pro Plan and above.

 If you want to have more control over messaging and ensure the rep's welcome message always appears, make sure the 'Talk to More Outbound Prospects in Real Time' playbook is set up. It is designed to always engage visitors before the other Playbooks, so you don't have to worry about your reps competing with marketing campaigns.

Before beginning, remember to fill out your "Company Website URL" under Settings, Team, then Company Information.
  1. Open up your Drift App
  2. Go to Playbooks --> Select 'Greet Outbound Prospects You Emailed' under Messaging Playbooks

  3. The Welcome Message that will greet your prospect on the website is already personalized to include their first name.
  4. Click on 'Invite your Teammates to use the Extension'. You can send an extension to any of the outbound reps on your team, including yourself!

If they're not already on Drift, you can scroll down and invite new team members in the 'Invite New Teammates to Use the Extension' field

We've already set up the default Goals and Targeting for you! 

Now, let's turn on the playbook. Click on 'Enable Playbook' --> Turn the Playbook 'ON'

Once the Outbound Playbook is set up, you can start using the Email Extension!

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