Adding a Name (or Personalization) to a Playbook

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This can also be used for Welcome Messages!

When you're sending a Playbook (in-app or email), you may want to send a personalized message that mentions a contact's first name, their company name, their plan, or some other custom attribute.

While there's no interface to do this just yet, we do have this feature built into Drift.

Here's how it works...

When composing your Playbook, in the subject or body, you'll want to add the following syntax to your message...

{{ user.attribute }}

The only thing you need to change is attribute to an all-lowercase version of your attribute.

So, for example, you could do {{ }}, like in the example below:

If you want to set a default, all you need to do is follow this syntax:

{{|d("there") }}

So you want to add the "pipe" character and then 

d("DEFAULT") |d(“there”)

So, in this example, if the contact doesn't have a name set, it will send "Hey there," as the opening to the message in the body of the Playbook.

If you'd like to use your user's company name in a Playbook, you can use the attribute: 


Using this attribute when you are targeting specific industries or re-targeting companies who have been onto your site before will make your messaging more powerful and personal! 

If you're technical and want to look into this a little bit more, here's the library we use for these tags.

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