Manage Your Playbooks in One View

by Sara Pion

Being able to keep track of your Playbooks is important, these are messages your site visitors are going to see and interact with! 

We hear you, and we've made some changes to our Playbooks interface page to make managing and editing your Playbooks easier to keep track of. 

Now, instead of "Enabled" and "Disabled" Playbooks, you have three separate channels: 

  • Active
  • Sent
  • Archive

When you edit a Playbook that is currently running on your site, you can make sure that it now maintains its priority in your list, even when it is turned off and on again. 

This will help you make sure your Playbooks are easily found, managed, and prioritized!

Screen Recording 2017-10-12 at 01.55 PM.gif

There are also new options in the dropdown menu on the righthand side of the Playbooks field that will allow you to "Archive" Playbooks, or "Move to Top", to quickly change and prioritize your Playbooks

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