Information Capture in LeadBot Playbooks

by Sara Pion

When your site visitors interact with your LeadBot flows, there is some information you will need to collect in order to contact them again!

We introduced two information capture questions that you can add to your LeadBot flows!

  • Email Capture
  • Phone Capture

These questions are set up to be "smarter" than regular LeadBot questions, and will help your team capture better, and more accurate contact information from your leads! 

If a visitor interacts with your LeadBot and has an email and/or a phone number in their contact record in Drift, these questions will not be included in the LeadBot flow. 
If these information capture questions lead to another question or a certain goal in the playbook and the user is already identified, they will skip to the appropriate question! 

How to Set Up Information Capture

  • Create a new LeadBot Playbook

  • In the LeadBot section of your Playbook, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll notice 3 button options: 
    • Add Question
    • Capture Email
    • Capture Phone Number
Screen Recording 2017-09-18 at 05.07 PM.gif
  • When you choose "Email Capture" a pre-made question is added to your Bot Flow 

The Email Capture question understands when a site visitor does not input an email during the flow. If the site visitor does not give an email as a response, the Bot will know to repeat their question, asking for the visitors email again. 

This will ensure that the leads that are going through your bot flows are being qualified and your sales team will be able to follow up with them!

  • When you choose Phone Number capture, a similar question is added to your bot flow 
This question will work in the same way as the email capture in that, if a site visitor does not give a valid phone number, the bot will repeat their question and ask for a phone number again. 

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