How to Exclude a List of Users from Receiving a Playbook

by Sara Pion

If you are setting up a Playbook and want to ensure that it does not show for a list of people, you can do so with Audience targeting in your Playbook! 

Here's How to Set It Up: 

  • The first thing you'll have to do is create the segment of users you dont wish to include in your segment. Here are instructions on how to create a dynamic or static segment. 
  • From there, in your Playbook settings you can choose to create a new playbook, or edit an existing one
  • When you create a new Playbook™, you’re going to want to choose which playbook you’re going to make! Choose "See all" next to Messaging Playbooks to choose the one you want 
  • In your Playbook editing interface, under "Targeting", you'll notice a section entitled "Exclusion" 
  • In that view, you'll be able to choose the segment of users you just created to exclude from being delivered the Playbook

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