Playbook: Have More Qualified Conversations via LeadBot

by Sara Pion

Have More Qualified Conversations 

When a lead comes to your website and clicks a button to book a demo with you, we assume that you want to smoothly capture their info, qualify them as a lead, and talk to them as soon as you can so your team can close more deals.

Same goes with the leads coming to your site! They don’t want to divulge some pretty personal contact information, just to get an automated message that someone will get back to them in 24 to 48 hours. That’s why we think it’s important to connect those leads to the right people, right when they request a demo.

That’s where Drift comes in...

By now, you’ve probably seen our Get More Sales Meetings Playbook, available only on Enterprise plans.

But we’re turning Drift features towards prepackaged campaigns you can launch on the Drift messaging platform, which means more all-in-one features for you to connect and qualify leads at your fingertips, now on the Team Plan!

Introducing the new Have More Qualified Conversations Playbook.

Using this Playbook, your sales team can harness the qualifying power of our LeadBot to make sure the people that your team is talking to are coming to them as Conversation Qualified Leads, or CQLs.

This new Playbook is not getting rid of LeadBot! It’s just repackaging LeadBot to be more user friendly for you and your team!

Where Can I Find Playbooks?

In your Drift Dashboard, you will notice a new section entitled Playbooks, you can click "sell all" by the categories of Playbooks to see all of your options! 

Let’s take this step-by-step:

Setting up the LeadBot

In order to actually qualify your leads, the bot will need to ask your site visitors a series of questions.

These questions will follow the same flow as any LeadBot campaign.

We kept the default LeadBot settings short and sweet, with just enough questions to keep your site visitors engaged and give you enough information to make sure that your leads are being qualified correctly. You can always add more questions and more goals to suit your needs!

Once you’ve typed out your new question or want to edit one of the default questions, you’ll want to make sure you program the Bot to be able to answer that question

You may have noticed the new options of adding an Email Capture and a Phone Number Capture:

Here’s how it works:

When the Bot asks the user what their email is,  and the user does not give an email then the bot will repeat the question until the end user answers with an email. Setting up a Phone Number Capture is pretty much the same.

The Followup Settings are the same settings used with regular LeadBots, where the Bot can follow-up with the user response based on keywords or button responses.

Setting your goals

Goals are how you are going to identify the people who are interacting with your LeadBot at the end of their conversation. By creating goals within the playbook, you will know which site visitors should and should not be pushed down the sales funnel.

Here is where you can attach tags to users depending on the answers they give to the Bot. The qualifications look like this:

  • LeadBot Qualified: Wants to talk to a member of your sales team

  • Bad Lead: Should continue looking around your site before talking to a member of your sales team

  • Already a Customer: Doesn’t need to be qualified as a lead.

Once that person has been qualified by the bot, you can choose:

  • To have one person routed to a conversation

  • To have the conversation follow the routing rules that you’ve already put in place

  • To have the conversation go un-routed, which would not add any member of your team to the conversation.

In this playbook, our default settings are set to only route conversations of qualified leads and to end the conversation if a bad lead or existing customer reaches the end of the leadbot flow. You can change these routing settings here:


If you chose to have a single person assigned to the conversation, you will have to choose that member of your team in a dropdown menu.

Screen Recording 2017-07-19 at 05.18 PM.gif

At the end of the LeadBot flow, you can choose an action for the bot to take! Our setting will default that each goal will end in sending a message to the end user, regardless of if they were qualified or not.


You have a few options when choosing to Target your playbook!

The first option you’ll see is the #DriftLink:

Our #DriftLink is what leads will click on to trigger this Playbook. All you need to do is add it to the end of any link where Drift is installed on your website and your playbook will be added to that page! Toggle the "Target via #DriftLink Only" button to only allow this playbook to show to people who have clicked your #DriftLink.

The second option you’ll see is Audience - Everyone. Here you can set your preference of which users will see your playbook. You can choose from “All Visitors," “Known Visitors Only,” “Anonymous Visitors Only,” or you can choose a custom segment of users in your contacts.

Your third option, "Exclusion," can be used to exclude a certain segment or segments from seeing this playbook. This option is perfect for making sure your message gets to exactly the right people.

Lastly, you can choose any of your existing Display When targeting conditions, you can create a new condition, you can have your playbook display set to be “Always”, or you can only have your playbook triggered by the #DriftLink.

Click on the Pencil on the right of the text box to edit your targeting conditions! 

Edit or Add to your Display conditions 

Advanced Targeting: 

Set your Playbooks frequency to have your Playbook deliver to your audience once, on every session, or on every page load!


Once your Playbook is perfect and ready to be published, you can ceremoniously toggle your Playbook on to make it live on your site!

Screen Recording 2017-10-23 at 10.51 AM.gif

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