Playbook: Book a Qualified Meeting via LeadBot

by Sara Pion

Introducing Playbooks™:

If you’ve spent any time at all working in marketing, you know that it’s not always easy to convince the sales team to try something new. With Drift, we’ve learned that:

  • They have most likely been burned by traditional “live chat” tools before, spending hours dealing with support questions and trying to cut through the noise in order to find the good leads.
  • They don’t want to change the way they work — and who can blame them (especially if they’re hitting their number).

So starting today you can get all of the benefits of using Drift without having to worry about interrupting your sales team, training them on a new tool, or having them grumble about the quality of leads – it's like single-player mode for your funnel.

We’re calling it the Get More Sales Meetings Playbook™.

We think that the largest value you can bring to your company is allowing your sales teams to be able to have quality leads dropped into their laps, rather than trying to find the metaphoric needle in a haystack.

This is an company plan only feature

Where Can I Find Playbooks™?

You can find them on the lefthand sidebar in your account: 

Let’s take this step-by-step:

Setting up the LeadBot

In order to actually qualify your leads, you will need to ask your site visitors a series of questions.

These questions will follow the same flow as any LeadBot campaign.

We kept the default LeadBot settings short and sweet, with just enough questions to keep your site visitors engaged and give you enough information to make sure that your leads are being qualified correctly. You can always add more questions and more goals to suit your needs!

Once you’ve typed out your new question or want to edit one of the default questions, you’ll want to make sure you program the Bot to be able to answer that question

The Follow-up Settings are the same settings used with regular LeadBots, where the Bot can follow-up with the user response based on keywords or button responses.

Screen Recording 2017-06-26 at 04.54 PM.gif

Set Up Your Playbook™

Goals are how you are going to identify the people who are interacting with your LeadBot at the end of their conversation. By creating goals within the Playbook™, you will know which site visitors should and should not be pushed down the sales funnel.

Here, you can decide how to route the conversation:

  • If a site visitor is Leadbot Qualified, they can be routed directly to a member of the sales team, or

  • If a site visitor is a Bad Lead, the conversation can end with a response from the LeadBot rather than being routed to a team member.

You can choose to have one person routed to a conversation, have the conversation follow the routing rules that you’ve already put in place, or have the conversation go un-routed, which would not add any member of your team to the conversation.

If you chose to have a single person assigned to the conversation, you will have to choose that member of your team in a dropdown menu.

Screen Recording 2017-06-26 at 04.58 PM.gif

Once you have chosen who your conversations will be sent to, you then have to choose the action that is taken at the end of the conversation.

You can send a calendar, send a message, or auto-close the conversation.

If you choose “Send Calendar”, the calendar of the sales team member assigned to that conversation will drop into the chat, which will look something like this:

If you choose “Send Message”, we’ll provide you with a template message that you can keep or edit!

If you choose to auto-close the conversation, that means that the status of the conversation will immediately be set to “Closed” once the LeadBot and site visitor are done with their conversation.


Our #DriftLink is what leads will click on to trigger this Playbook™. All you need to do is add it to the end of any link where Drift is installed on your website and your Playbook™ will be added to that page!

You can also target your Playbook using our Display targeting conditions! 

Click on the Pencil in the text box to edit those conditions

A customer can be brought to the same LeadBot multiple times if they click on the #DriftLink more than once.

Advanced Targeting: 

Set your Playbook's frequency to have your Playbook deliver to your audience once, on every session, or on every page load!


Once your Playbook™ is perfect and ready to be published, you can ceremoniously toggle your Playbook™ on to make it live on your site!

Screen Recording 2017-10-23 at 10.51 AM.gif

Now all you have to do is sit back and relax... Until those leads start pouring in.

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