Excluding Engaged Contacts from Email Playbooks

by Dan Graap

Drift has an easy, built-in way for you to make sure you're only sending out emails to those contacts that aren't already engaging with your business (or haven't in a while.) Email playbooks have a brand new smart filter that allows them to exclude engaged contacts.

We define "engaged" contacts as satisfying either of these conditions:

  1. They have scheduled a meeting in the past 21 days or have one scheduled for sometime in the next 21 days
  2. They have received an email in the last 21 days or are receiving emails from an active campaign

And we define a "recent" conversation as: they have chatted in through the widget on your website in the last 7 days.

If you have this toggle on, i.e. if you are excluding engaged contacts from an email playbook, and a contact becomes engaged via one of the three conditions above, they will not receive further emails in that playbook; they will be unenrolled. 

However, if a contact becomes engaged but then becomes unengaged (e.g. they chat in once then do not chat in again for 7 days) before that campaign sends its next email, they will still receive that email. They will only stop receiving emails from a campaign if they miss an email in a campaign due to becoming engaged.

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