Edit Your Email Playbooks

by Sara Pion

Sending emails is important for marketing teams to be able to communicate with prospects and current customers alike. 

Putting your own voice and tone to emails can be done with images, rich text, hyperlinks, and personalization tokens. 

With our new editor, you can use: 

- Text styling: Bold, Italics, 

- Hyperlinking (Including Images)

- Bullets/Numbered lists

- Text alignment

- And create your own HTML email template! 

 -Image upload & resizing

Adjust your image dimensions after you upload: 

- Image floating/centering

- Drift personalizing (attribute tokens)

- Drift calendar linking

- Drift Email Signature

You can also configure your sender name and email to make sure you stay on brand and have your emails coming from the right person at your company, even if they aren't necessarily sending the email themselves: 

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