Attribute Mapping in Playbooks

by Sara Pion

Replacing your forms with Drift just got easier, with attribute mapping right in the LeadBot Playbook interface! 

This means that the information that you collect from your LeadBots will be added to your contacts, making it easier for you to see qualifying information about your leads right from the conversations view in your Drift account. 

Forms take information given to you from your leads, store it, and then send those qualified leads to your sales team. Now Drift can do the exact same thing, only faster, with a more personalized experience! 

When you are setting up your LeadBot questions you can collect answers as pieces of data to put in Drift and use later on.  

These attributes can sync to Salesforce, or you can even send targeted message to person when they come back to your site. 

LeadBot playbooks are only available in team plans or above.

Here is how to set it up: 

It's a good idea to create a contact attribute in your contacts view before you create the attribute in a Playbook. That way, you can see the attribute in the users contact record, even before its filled out by your bot! For more information on how to create a contact attribute, click here!

In your Drift Dashboard, you will notice a new section entitled Playbooks™. It’s also now in your left hand sidebar!

When you create a new Playbook™, you’re going to want to choose which playbook you’re going to make! Choose "See all" next to Messaging Playbooks to choose the one you want 

  • You can find the attribute mapping under "Advanced Settings" in your LeadBot creation interface. 
  • When you click on advanced settings, you can choose which attribute you track in Drift. In this question we are tracking the responses of users who do, or do not, like cats, to add to their contact information: 
  • You can track different attributes for each LeadBot question, so that each piece of information you collect is associated to that contact! 
Now that you have these attributes set up and tracked in your Bot flows, you can create flows that look like this: 
Screen Recording 2017-09-18 at 03.31 PM.gif

Want to learn more about inserting attributes into Playbooks messages? Click here!

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