How to Add Participants to Conversations

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When a conversation is happening in Drift, you may have one or multiple people on your team talking to a lead or customer.

What's important is that everyone who matters is in the loop, which is why we have participants. When you want to invite a team member to a conversation or remove a team member from a conversation, follow these steps: 

How are participants added to conversations?

  1. A user in Drift is manually added by somebody on your team
  2. A user in Drift sends a message within the conversation (we automatically add anybody who has sent a message to that conversation as a participant)
  3. A user in Drift is included in the catch all rule and is automatically added as a participant
  4. A user in Drift is a part of a routing rule that adds them automatically

How are participants notified of conversations?

When somebody is a participant in a conversation, we still notify them based on their notification defaults, which your teammates in Drift can find here in the app

If you want to learn more about exactly how notifications work, you can find more info here.

How to add a participant to a conversation

How to remove participant from a conversation

At the moment, the only people that can remove others from a conversation are admins. They'll see the x options to  remove others from a conversation. You can learn more about admin roles here.

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