Whose face will display in the welcome message?

Updated 2 months ago by Matt Bilotti

The Drift chat widget can display up to three faces! 

We do this to help your visitors know who they're most likely to talk to. The goal is to set the best possible expectations for your visitors and greet them with a few smiling faces so they feel like your team is there for them.

When will only one face display?

In your Drift settings, you can set by default one face to always display, either randomly or one person every time. You can do that in the Helping Team Members section of your customize settings.

If you have no catch all rule set up (more on that here), and you're not using Routing Rules, then only that one face will display, always.

When would more than one face display?

There are a couple cases where multiple faces will display, which will look something like this...

  1. If there are multiple people in the Catch All Rule, all of those people (up to three of them) will display 
  2. If there are people who are likely to get added to the conversation (via Routing Rules) we'll also show those faces

Anybody being on-call will overwrite your Helping Team Members settings. 

And if you have a Routing Rule and the visitor matches that rule, it will also override any of your Helping Team Member settings.

Real quick, let's go through a couple examples:

Helping team membersCatch AllRouting Rules Whose face will show?
JoeCarlaNONECarla - Because she's the only person included in catch all and most likely to answer the conversation
RandomSteve, MaryNONESteve & Mary - Because once the conversation starts, it will go to one of the two of them on a rotating basis
JoeNONEMary, Danielle, SteveSteve, Mary, & Danielle - Because once the conversation starts, it will go to one of three of them
RandomMary, CarlaSteve, DanielleMary, Carla, & (Steve OR Danielle) - Mary and Carla because they're most likely to be there to answer and Steve or Danielle (at random) because one of them will get added to the conversation due to routing rules
At the moment, there is no way to set multiple faces in the Helping Team Members section or within a Welcome message campaign. If you want to do this, let us know so we can know it's important enough to you for us to spend our time on!

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