Salesforce Integration FAQ

by Sara Pion

Our Salesforce Integration is one of our most popular integrations, and with it comes a lot of questions. We know that every company uses Salesforce a different way, and understanding how this integration will fit into your workflow is important, so we put together this help doc to help point you in the right direction! 

Q: Which Drift plan do I need to be on to access the Salesforce integration

A: You need to be on our Team plan or above in order to be able to use the Salesforce <> Drift integration

Q: I want to route conversations in Drift based on Lead Owner in Salesforce. Can I do that? 

A: Yes you can! You have to be on our Enterprise Plan in order to do so, however. 

Q: Can I choose how data is synced to Salesforce? Like who the Lead Owner will be for new contacts and who will own different activities? 

A: Yes you can! Check out this help doc for instructions. 

Q: How can I make sure that bad leads are not pushed into Salesforce? 

A: Marking your bad leads as "Unqualified" as their CQL status, you can close the conversation and make sure those leads are not added into your Salesforce account! 

Q: Can I map custom attributes from Drift into Salesforce? 

A: Absolutely, data like UTM information, IP address, time zone, city, state, etc. that you can pick up in a conversation itself can now be mapped in your Salesforce integration! Find out more in this help doc. You can also create custom attributes using a CSV upload and then map those attributes to Salesforce. Find out more here!

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