How to Use Zapier to Set the Account Owner of a Contact

Updated 2 months ago by Sara Pion

You can use our Zapier integration to  assign the account owner to a contact after a conversation has been closed, and push that information into your preferred CRM. 

This is a great way to keep track of leads having conversations with the same rep and can help with nurturing those contacts into leads, and eventually customers! 

In this example, we're going to use HubSpot as the CRM for setting up the Zap and assigning whoever closed the conversation as the HubSpot owner. 

So here's how to set this up in Zapier: 

  • First thing you want to do is choose "Conversation Closed" as  your trigger: 
  • After you test the step, you will get a confirmation message that your test was successful. You can view the conversation to make sure everything is ok. You are going to want to click on that to get the name of the Drift user who closed the conversation: 
  • Next, use the Formatter by Zapier utility to map the Drift username to the Hubspot username, if they are different. So in the options for Zapier Actions, you will want to use "Utilities"
  • In the "Transform" Field, you're going want to use the Lookup Table command. 
  • Then under "Values", you are going to want to search for Agent Username, and select that value 
  • In your Lookup Table, you are going to want to map the Drift user email to the HubSpot user email.
  • If the emails in Drift and HubSpot are the same, then under the "Fallback Value" field, have the Agent Username you used in the Lookup Key step be filled in
  • Your Zapier Utilities settings should look like this: 
  • Next, in order to add your Agent Username as the HubSpot owner, you'll want to add a new step to your Zap, choose to connect your HubSpot account and choose the action of Creating or Updating a Contact 
  • From there, you'll want to input the user's email from the conversation in Drift 
  • Last but not least, you'll want to set the HubSpot owner in the same setup by choosing a custom value for the "HubSpot Owner" filed, and mapping your "Agent Username" from Step 2 as the Custom Value: 


You should be all set! The agent who closed the conversation in Drift will now be added as the account owner in HubSpot! For more tips on our Zapier integration, check out this help doc

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