How the Calendar Integration Works Based on your Plan

by Sara Pion

All Drift plans have the ability to connect a calendar and have people schedule meetings with you! However, there are some things you can do with the calendar on some plans, that you can not do on others. 

Here is our pricing page to look at the breakdown of all of our different pricing tiers

Free Plans: 

If you are on our Free plan, you can have people schedule meetings with you on your Drift Profile

Your Drift profile is associated with your Drift account and works like an online business card! You get your own personalized link that you can add to your email signature that directs people to chat or schedule a meeting with you!

Lear more about the advanced profile features here!

Team Plan: 

On the team plan, you also have the ability for users to schedule meetings with you from your Drift Profile.  

Additionally, you can add a calendar in a conversation while you are chatting with a user to make the transition from chatting, to booking demos in a single step! (Can anyone say CQL?)

Company Plan: 

On the Company plan, you still have the ability for users to schedule meetings with you from your Drift Profile.  

However, the scheduling process can be totally automated on this plan. Adding a CTA to Playbooks or using the Bot to qualify leads and then immediately schedule meetings with the correct person. 

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