Choose What Data is Sent Between Salesforce and Drift

Updated 2 months ago by Sara Pion

When you are using the Salesforce <> Drift integration, the ability to control what kind of information is passed over into Salesforce can make sure Drift fits snugly into your workflow. Using our data sync preferences, you can set up how to set the Lead Owner for new contacts and how to ensure activity in Drift is assigned to the appropriate member of your team.  

Here is how you can set this up: 

  • Go to your Salesforce Integration Page
  • In your Salesforce Integration page, click on "Sync Salesforce Data" 
  • Toggle your preferences on and off. If you'd like to tailor down your activity preferences even more, you can click on " Show advanced settings"
Screen Recording 2017-10-04 at 10.55 AM.gif
  • Choose any and all preferences you'd like to pass over into Salesforce. Your preferences will be saved after you make any changes

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