Install Drift with your Shopify

Updated 3 weeks ago by Matt Bilotti

With Drift on your Shopify site, you’ll always be there for people who might have questions — whether they need help making a purchase or just have a quick question about pricing or something in your store. Just like you would if they were in your store in-person.

This integration is available on all plans.

Sign up for free at

If you've already signed up and are still in the install flow, once you get to the install steps, choose Shopify as your install method, follow the instructions, and you'll be all set. 

In addition to just installing Drift in your Shopify store, the following events from Shopify will be sent to Drift automatically for contacts...

  • When a new customer is created
  • When an order is cancelled
  • When an order is updated
  • When a checkout process is started
  • When a checkout process is completed 

Not using Drift yet? Get your free account here.

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