How to add Drift to Drupal

Updated a month ago ​by Matt Bilotti

Setting up Drift in Drupal is easy. You can now have Drift on your website or online store.

Here’s how to install Drift right in your website in only a few minutes…

  1. From within Drift Settings, copy the code snippet.

  2. Login to your Drupal admin dashboard.
  3. Add a new block to Drupal. This can be found in multiple places.
    1. Choose Structure from the top menu -> Blocks -> Add new Block
    2. Choose Site Settings -> Visual & Layout -> Blocks -> Add Block
  4. Add the Drift code to the Drupal block.

  5. Decide which region to add the block to in Drupal.

    Make sure you're adding it to your default theme and you can pretty much add it anywhere you'd like. Generally the header or footer are the best, but it depends on the naming in your template.
  6. Show Drift to everyone on the site.

  7. Save and you're done!

As always, if you have any questions - don't hesitate to chat with us and we will help.

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