Setting Up Your Drift Profile

by Conley Ernst

Tired of boring old business cards? Bring this corporate classic to the digital age with Drift Profiles!

How to Set Up Your Profile... 

Click your avatar on the bottom of the lefthand sidebar and choose "My Settings" 

Then select My Profile from the left hand side bar.

The Basics 

 Start filling out your basic information! Here’s quick what’s what...

  • Profile URL - this is the slug that you can attach to the end of your drift account to bring you to your page
  • Title - enter your role at your company here
  • Location - enter where you are located
  • Short Bio/Quote - will show up on your profile
  • Profile Privacy - determines whether or not your profile is public to the world or not
We STRONGLY recommend setting your URLs once at the beginning of your profile setup and never touching them again.
Your name and email is taken from your Account page

Click the green Save button to save your progress and continue on!


Select Your Theme

You have two theme options for your profile: Standard and Two Column

Here is what Standard looks like…

 Here is what Two Column looks like…


Click the theme you would like to use and upload a photo if you select two column theme.


Provide contact information! We have fields for…

  • Phone Number

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest

  • LinkedIn

  • SoundCloud

  • Skype

Do not copy and paste the whole link, just add the usernames into the field you would like to add

You can also link your calendar in this section.


Connect Your Calendar

Allow Drift to book meetings and demos to your calendar! If you want to allow customers to view your calendar, make sure the Calendar Call to Action (CTA) is toggled on!

Then, click the connect calendar button next to Calendar Link.

You will be brought to a page prompting you to connect your Google Calendar or Office 365 Outlook Calendar. Select the one you would like and set up your account.

You can also access this section by clicking your avatar on the lefthand sidebar, clicking "My settings"  then the My Calendar tab.

Hit the green Save button and move to the next step!


Welcome Message

Customize your online and offline messages!

The Online Message will default to...

“How can we help you?”

...but can be customized by entering text in the text field below Online Message.


The Offline Message will default to...

“Hi there! We’d love you help you out! Leave us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible”

...but can be customized by entering text in the text field below Offline Message.



Fill about additional details to make your profile more interesting!


Profile Privacy

Your profile will default to private, when you are done editing your information toggle the privacy to on to make your profile public.

Share Your Profile!

Directly link to your profile! If you add ?schedule to the beginning of the URL it will automatically open a new conversation with the bot prompting to book a meeting with you!

You can also share your profile through the Widget API– which can add a button to start a schedule flow. Make sure to use the api.scheduleMeeting(driftUserId);  method! We can provide your User ID, no problem!

If you run into any trouble or have any questions, let us know. We’re here to help!

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