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by Alexa Nguyen

Business cards have helped start so many sales conversations over the years. But now with Drift Profiles, there’s a new type of business card: one that matches the way that people actually interact today online.

The tools most companies use to introduce themselves to their customers are old, outdated, and quite frankly very boring. Even the most well-designed business card only has a few pieces of information on it: Email, Address, Phone Number.

We wanted to change that. With Drift Profiles, you can let your personality shine through and show your customers the kind of contact you are. On your profile you can add a short bio about what you do for the company you work for, your interests, a fun fact, share the different languages you speak, and give a shout-out to your alma mater by listing your college or university.

Your Drift Profile integrates with your calendar so people can book time on your calendar without the annoying back-and-forth. Our scheduling bot will check your busy time slots and make sure that meetings never get double-booked for you. 

Setting up your profile

  1. All profiles are off by default. You need to head to your profile settings page and change your Profile Privacy to on before your unique profile link will be live. 
  2. Tell your customers more about you. How can you help? What do you care about? Your customers will be able to chat with you directly using your profile link.

Connect your calendar

  1. Integrate your Google Calendar in your Drift settings.
  2. Edit your meeting settings. 
    • Meeting Name: This is what will display as the meeting name in the Drift chat widget when somebody is scheduling the meeting. Additionally, it is what the name of the calendar invite will be.
    • Duration: This is how long the calendar invites will be set for. At the moment, you can only have one meeting length.
    • Meeting Location: You might want to put a link to your video conferencing software here or leave your phone number. Use this as a way to explain to the person booking a meeting how you plan to connect.
    • Invite Description: This is the description that will show up in the calendar invite .
  • Availability:
    • Your timezone: This is the timezone you operate in and how you want meetings booked.
    • Your Availability: This is the window of time that somebody can book meetings with you. This is so that, even though you're available at 3am, nobody can book meetings with you during times you don't want to meet.

How to use your profile

  • Embed your unique profile URL in your email signature. Here's how we like to use ours.  
  • Share your link in your on-boarding emails. Ask your customers how their experience is going and let them know you're there for them.
  • You can send somebody your drift profile URL directly and tell them to press the button to schedule a meeting with you.
  • From within a conversation in Drift, click on the calendar icon. Once you click on a calendar, your Driftbot will jump right into the conversation and help the visitor book a time in the calendar you chose.
FYI - This feature is only available in Pro plans and above

Drift Profiles are like an online business card, because who even really uses paper business cards anymore?

Want to level-up? Here's how to get more from your profile.

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