Drift Onboarding Tips

by Matt Bilotti

Hey everyone! I’m Sara, a Customer Advocate here at Drift.

Our rockstar Director of Marketing, Dave Gerhardt, wrote an amazing guide for using Drift here, but in case you just want to skim through a few of the best tips and tricks, you’re in the right place. Most of these only take just a few minutes, and they’ll make a world of difference.

Our first-class Customer Success Team has put their heads together to give you all some insight into what makes a successful Drift profile. 

Oh, and don’t worry, there are step-by-step videos 🎥


Change the chat widget to match your brand.

You’ll notice in our onboarding flow that we take you through a series of steps to customize your chat widget. In the case that you’re not so crazy about your first draft, you can always revisit your design settings make it your own.


Set your hours and customer’s expectations

Don’t set expectations for your customers that you won’t be able to meet. Let’s be honest. There’s a real person behind that chat widget and they probably won’t be open for business 24/7. Set your hours of availability and let your customers know that you’ll get back to them whenever you can.

When someone visits your site outside of the available hours, they’ll see an offline message like this:

You can customize all of this text at any time, too. Have some fun with it here.

Set up your Drift Account

Personalize your account and put a face to your name.

Show what your mama gave ya!

We’ve seen a massive increase in engagement on sites with avatars. It’s definitely a nice touch to make someone feel like they’re actually talking to a person on the other side of that computer screen. You can put your own photo up by going here.

Want to learn more about our Calendaring function? Check out this help doc that goes over how the calendar integration works, based on your plan! 

Playbooks (a paid feature)

Reach out with tailored messages at critical points.

Our goal for creating Drift is to allow you to talk to the right people, in the right place, at exactly the right time. And one of our most powerful features is one that’s often overlooked. But when used in the right way for your business, it’ll blow your customers away.

Think about it this way:

Say you walked into a room saw someone on your website. You’d probably walk over and see what they’re doing, but wouldn’t immediately hop in to have a chat. So you’re watching over their shoulder and they are browsing the site. When would you hop in and say ‘Hey – I work there – anything I can help with?’ For me it’s probably when someone has looked at our pricing and features. That’s when you want to configure a Drift announcement to show.

– Kevin, Drift Sales Guru (that’s him in the video below)

Playbooks are available in all paid plans

Here are two different use cases for implementing a Playbook:

Marketing Touches

Imagine being able to greet a new customer as they come through to your site for the first time. Or second time. Or any time after that.

You can do that with Drift.

Imagine being able to proactively reach out to a site visitor who has looked at your pricing page 5 times over the last 30 days. You can do that with Playbooks and targeting conditions.

Pricing Page

Is there a specific point on your website where a customer will be making an important buying decision?


Predict their concerns and get to them first. Let them know you’re there for any questions they might have. If there’s no pricing page, maybe it’s a product description page, etc. You can create a Playbook that is specifically made for you to reach out to your users on your Pricing page


Find a full list of Playbooks we offer for our paid plans here

If you prefer watching videos to 


Seamlessly adopt Drift into your day-to-day.

Our goal at Drift is to enhance the way you do business, not make it more complicated. So, we’re constantly finding new ways to integrate our product into existing tools that you and your team already use. We have a series of integrations available, but let’s start with this game changer:


We have a bunch of different integrations, but one of the most handy is our Slack integration. Especially if you’re using it with your team all day.

Using Drift in Slack makes it easy to get notifications when someone starts a new chat. You don’t have to be in the Drift app to have conversations in real-time. Plus, you can take it on the go! If you don’t have Slack yet, it’s totally free to set-up and easy to get going. Here’s a quick guide to get you set-up.

Not using Drift yet? Get your free account here.

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