LeadBot FAQ

by Sara Pion

Our LeadBot is our most asked about feature of our application, for good reason: It's exciting technology! 

This document will cover some of the frequently asked questions we get about our LeadBot: 

Q: Which plan do I need to get the LeadBot technology? 

A: You need to be on our Team Plan in order to gain access to the bot. 

Q: How do I create a LeadBot Playbook? 

A:This documentcan walk you through where to create a LeadBot Playbook in your Drift app!

Q: How can I set up LeadBot to ask all the right questions? 

A: This HelpDoc can walk you through our best practices when setting up a LeadBot campaign!

Q: What kind of responses can my site visitors give to the LeadBot?

A: You can have your users physically type out answers to a LeadBot question and have the LeadBot understand key words or phrases. Or you can have your response options be buttons, so that your users don't have to do as much work! 

Q: How can I test out or automatically install a LeadBot campaign on a certain page?

A: You can do that with #DriftLinks

Q: How can I add tags to qualified and disqualified leads who have interacted with the LeadBot? 

A: You can do that with our Lead Stage Classifications at the end of your LeadBot flow! 

Q: What are the best practices for Leadbot? 

A: We wrote up a doc that gives you some of our best Leadbot secrets to success. Check it out here

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