Drift Cookie Security and Privacy

Updated 1 month ago by Trevor Rundell

We are committed to privacy and current industry initiatives to protect individual rights on the internet. All cookies used by the Drift widget are "first-party" cookies assigned to the domain of your website. Drift cookies on your domain cannot be read by Drift widgets on other websites. Here are the cookies used by our Widget, what they do, and why we have them...

 Cookie Name  Purpose Description
driftt_aidTrackingAnonymous identifier token
driftt_eidTrackingEnd user identifier token
driftt_sidTrackingIdentifier token for specific browser session
driftt_aaidTrackingTracks assigned ABM/Outbound rep for the duration of the session
driftt_wmdFunctionalityBoolean indicating the user has dismissed the welcome message in this session
DFTT_END_USER_PREV_BOOTSTRAPPEDFunctionalityBoolean indicating the user has previously been authenticated
DFTT_LEAD_HAS_PREV_IDENTIFIEDFunctionalityBoolean indicating the user has previously provided an email address
__d_hsutkIntegrationBoolean indicating the HubSpot UTK has been checked (if integration is enabled)

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