Widget events (Send Data To Your Analytics App)

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If you're trying to send Drift events from the JavaScript SDK to Google Analytics, or any other system, to measure when conversations are started, you're in luck!

Each time a conversation is started, the Drift widget fires off a startConversation event.  The JavaScript SDK's on method lets you subscribe to those events and provide a function that is called whenever the event occurs.

In this example, we subscribe to startConversation events with a function that tracks them in Google Analytics:

// Register an event handler for `startConversation` events
window.drift.on("startConversation", function() {
  console.log("started a new chat!");
  // send the event to Google Analytics
  window.ga("send", "event", "Drift", "startConversation");

Here's an article that explains how to send events to Google Analytics in case you need it. 

If you're already integrated with analytics.js (also can be used if you're a Segment Integration user), just listen for startConversation, pass that along to wherever you want, and you'll be all set.

Here is the complete list of events we track.

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