Drift Developer Platform FAQs

Updated 3 weeks ago by Sara Pion

The Drift Developer Platform is a great place to create your own integration to add onto your Drift account, create your own bot to add to your Drift experience, and share your apps with the rest of the Drift community! 

This platform will work a little differently than the Drift app you're used to, and all the help documentation you need to get set up on the developer platform you'll be able to find at dev.drift.com! 

Here are some FAQs that you can take into account when getting started with our Developer Platform: 

Q: Do I need a Drift account to make an app on the platform? 

A: Yes you do!

Q: Do any bots come pre-built with the Platform? 

A:  You'll have access to public apps and we built 2 fun bots for all to use! 

Q: Do I need to have a paid Drift account to make an app on the platform? 

A: Nope! This is a platform open for all Drift users :) 

Q: Where will I see the apps I created in Drift? 

A: You'll see them in your integrations page! You can click here as well. 

Q: Where will I find the documentation for APIs and Endpoints? 

A: All of that information will live in the developer platform. 

Q: I have questions about my app and I want to talk to developers who can answer my questions

A: You can join the Dev.Drift slack workspace for any questions!

Q: Is there a limit based on plan? 

A: Yep! Free and Standard plans are limited to 5 connected apps, Pro and above have unlimited.  

Based on our terms of service, you cannot build around our pricing plans. Read more here!

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