Setting Up Your Chat Widget

Updated 3 weeks ago by Matt Bilotti

When you are getting started with Drift, we want our software to match your brand and style as much as possible, which is why we give you lots of customization options. When you are setting up your chat widget for your own website, keep these features in mind: 

Here’s everything you can customize about Drift (and more info on some):

  • The welcome message that’s displayed (link)
  • Your organization/company name (link)
  • The away message that displays when you’re offline and the thank you message (link)
  • Automatic email follow-up (more info)

Paid customization features:

  • The message that asks people for their email address (link)
  • Upload your own icon in place of our default ones (link)  
  • The hours the widget displays as online (more info on that)
  • Remove the Drift branding (This is available on Pro Plans and above) (link).
  • Who sees chat (more info here)


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