Setting Up a Campaign

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Reach specific segments of your customers with targeted messages! Customize your message to specific groups of leads to optimize your sales.

Targeting is currently only available for paying customers

There are four different types of campaigns you can create with Drift…

Beta users can now do video campaigns! To learn more, click here.

Here’s an announcement in action…

What an announcement sent via “slider” looks like in Drift. This one was taken right from our home page.
You can have your campaigns follow your online and offline hours using display when targeting conditions

To start setting up your campaign, go to your Campaigns page and click the New Campaign button in the upper right corner.



Campaign Setup Has Three Steps...




Compose the message of your campaign! This is where the content of your campaign lies. Draw your customer’s in with a Headline and keep them there with your content.

Did you know campaigns can be personalized? To learn more, click here!




Target segments of your customers and choose when you want your campaign to display. In this section, you can also decide how long this campaign will run.

For more information on your segments, click here. For more information on setting Display When, click here.


Send Campaign 

Give your campaign a name and send it out to the world! This is also a good place to review your campaign preferences.


Navigating Your Campaigns Page

 There is a lot you can do from your campaigns page. Here’s how to do a few...

 Set Campaign Status

 On the far right, there is a section displaying the current status of the campaign. You can toggle between Enabling and Pausing the campaign by clicking this button.


Delete Campaign

 You can delete a campaign by clicking the X button to the far right of your campaign.


Toggle View


You can filter the type of campaign showing in this window with the menu bar on the top left of your page. You can show All, Web App, or Email campaigns.


View Campaign Results 

 Wondering how your campaign is doing? Click the name of your campaign to view its reporting and statistics.

Campaigns support other languages!


If you run into any trouble or have any questions, let us know. We’re here to help!

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