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It’s our goal at Drift to help make it as easy as possible to convert visitors to leads and leads to customers. Now you can collect your site visitors emails easily through Drift.

Email Capture campaigns have two states: the Initial State and the Thank You State. The Initial State is what is presented to the customer before they enter their email and the Thank You State is what displays once the customer enters their email. Both have a Headline and a Message. 

Here’s what it looks like in action:

Here’s How to Create an Email Capture Campaign...

Create New Campaign 


Go to the Campaigns page in your Drift account and click the button in the upper right corner labeled New Survey.

After you click New Campaign, select Email Capture. 


Create Headline


Write your headline in the text field below the title Headline. This will be what catches the eye of your customer and draws them into your campaign.


Create Message


Why do you want your customers to enter their email? Write your message in the text field below the title Message. 

You can format the text in your message! For more information, click here.

Say Thank You

After your customer enters their email into the campaign, the widget will enter the Thank You State.

Write the headline for the Thank You State in the text field below the title Thank You Headline.

Write the message you want to appear after the customer enters their email in the section text field below the title Thank You Message.

Select Send From


Who do you want this campaign to be from? Under the title Send From, click Edit and select the user you want to be the face of the campaign. 

Once you’re done, hit the green Next button.


Set Your Targeting

Who do you want this campaign to go to? 

Under the title Segment, select the group of users you will like to target with your campaign from the drop down menu. 

When do you want this campaign to show? 

Under the title Display When, select the conditions for when you want your campaign to display from the drop down menu or create a new condition with the Create New button to the top right of the drop down menu.

For information on how to set up Display When conditions, click here.

How long do you want this campaign to run? 

From the drop down menu under Send This, select whether you want the campaign to run Until You Manually Shut it Off or Until a Specified Date (if you select this option, you will be prompted to enter an End Date for the campaign).

You can target people by their URL, for more information click here.  

Once you have filled all the field, click the green Next button.


Send Campaign! 

Give your campaign name so you can find it in the future and review your campaign details. 

Once you’re done, hit the green Send Campaign button to get your campaign going!


If you run into any trouble or have any questions, let us know. We’re here to help!

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