Customizing Playbooks using Clearbit Reveal

by Matt Bilotti

If you're using the Drift Company plan, that likely means you also have Clearbit in your account. With that, you can use the data it provides to personalize the contents of your Playbooks (both in-app and email).  This is how it works:

When composing your Playbook you'll add something like this to your message:

{{ clearbit.attribute }}

The only thing you need to do is replace attribute to the name of the Clearbit Reveal attribute you want to use. For example, if you want to display the domain the company that's visiting your site as part of your campaign, just include this:

{{ clearbit.domain }}

Accessing nested attributes

You can access nested attributes from the Clearbit Reveal data by using dots to separate attribute names. For example, to display the number of employees as part of your Playbook, include this in the body or subject:

{{ clearbit.metrics.employees }}

Here is a list of all the attributes you can use

We recommend sticking with the basics (domain, metrics.employees, metrics.revenue) and testing anything that you do setup to make sure it works as expected.

Setting Default Values

Clearbit may not always have data for every visitor that triggers your campaign. Because of this, we highly recommend that you design your campaigns to have default values to deal with data not being available. In the above example you could do this to have a default:

{{ clearbit.domain | d("") }}

Here's a screenshot of what this looks like in the Playbook editor:

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