Zapier Integration FAQ

Zapier can be a really powerful tool to connect Drift to all different kinds of Marketing and Sales workflows that already exist within your organization. 


Getting started with Drift and Zapier can be foreboding, getting started with a new platform always is! This doc can help walk you through what you can do with Drift's triggers, searches, and actions in Zapier and address some Frequently Asked Questions about how to use Zapier. 


Glossary of Zapier and Drift Terminology: 


A Trigger is the event that starts a Zap.

  • We have a few triggers you can use in Drift, you can learn more about them here! But we wanted to clarify the difference between two of our Triggers:
  • New Lead vs New Contact: These two triggers are frequently the same, but can be used for separate use-cases
  • New lead is a trigger that should be used anytime we capture email. If you are trying to drive an action off email use this trigger.
  • New Contact is a trigger that is used when we actually have a contact record in Drift and can be used to pull back contact attributes if you use the search function.


This is the second step of your Zap process and helps Drift send internal messaging to and from Zapier to get you the right information. You can search by two properties at the moment:

  • End User ID —> Known user is added into Drift via Integration sync or email picked up in chat. This search function exists for “User reaches goals” triggers, but can be used with the "New Contact" trigger as well.
  • Anonymous ID —> We perceive this ID as a Lead ID, when someone chats in, not from a Playbook but just from the widget, and we dont have info on them, we just assign them an anonymous ID. This search function exists mostly to be used for Conversation closed trigger
  • Why we need searches: Triggers spit out these user IDs but in order to trigger an action, we need to accept an external ID. So we need to match it with the ID we give to a person to the ID you give them, in order to provoke that action from Zapier.


Actions only take external ID’s that’s why we have weird ones

Create Contacts /Update contact

  • Create tag in Drift first, add existing tags to contact records
  • Add attribute (attribute has to exist in Drift in order for you to add this to a contact)
  • Update existing attributes
  • Please note that these actions cannot remove tags or attributes
  • Log Event for Contact. This will add event name to contact record and an attribute on the event ( or an attributes associated with the event). This is a great action to use for segmentation in Drift based off events

FAQ's and Use Cases: 

Example 1: 

A common question we hear when we bring up our Zapier integration is: “Can we use this to map attributes to another application at the close of a conversation in Drift?" The answer to that is: Yes! Absolutely! 

To set this up you would use the "Conversation Closed" Trigger, Search for Anonymous ID, and then Add the action to create or update a Contact in your preferred CRM. 

Here is what the Drift trigger and search set up will look like in Zapier: 



Example 2: 

Another question that comes around a bit is " Can I use the I captured and push those into my preferred CRM to update my contacts?”

Again, the answer here is yes! You will want to use the trigger User Reached Goal with Lead Stage, search end user id, and add the action in CRM update/add contact with those attributes.

Setting up this Zap is very similar to the above example, however you will have to clarify which you want to use that will Trigger the Zap, and search by End User ID. We have a more detailed help doc on this Zap . 


Example 3: 

We suggest using Zapier to connect Drift and your preferred CRM if we do not integrate with them directly. There is a limiting factor to using Zapier in this way, which is that no conversation transcript can be pushed into any CRM through a Zap. 

If you want to push over conversation events for a contact, the best trigger to use would be the "Conversation Closed" trigger. 


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