Why Drift Sequences Will Only Send Good Emails

We all get emails, and we’ve all had a bad experience with receiving emails. With Drift Sequences, we wanted to make sure that your customers only received the best emails from you and your sales team.

Here’s how:

1. Drift Sales Sequences are aware. When you try to enroll a contact who has already been enrolled in another sequence or are part of an exclusion list in your Playbook, we will make sure to communicate this error with you.

2. Drift Sales Sequences are smart. When a user responds to your emails asking to be unsubscribed, our machine learning will detect this intent and automatically unenroll leads without any work from your team.

3. Drift Sales Sequences are contextual. Even if a user doesn’t respond to your email, but they go onto your site and chat or book a meeting via Drift, they will be unenrolled from your sequence.

4. Drift Sales Sequences are real-time. With the use of the Drift Chrome extension, when a user clicks on a link to your site, they will be greeted with a personalized message from the rep they were chatting with via email.

5. The Marketer is in control. As the admins of the Drift account, they can create the sequences for the sales team to use and easily share the sequences they’ve built with the sales team once they’re done. Marketers can insert dynamic calendar and email signature links for the reps, so you do not have to make individual sequences for each rep!

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