What Hour Settings Affect What?

When you're first setting up Drift, it is extremely important to set up your hours correctly since they can affect your other settings and features like playbooks, routing rules, and more!

So, let's clear up the details...


There are three time/hour settings in Drift app:

  1. Chat Widget
  2. Teams
  3. Individual Status


These three settings will help you have more control over your online/offline default greeting, playbooks, and Drift teams.

For example, these settings will let your Drift account know when to automatically switch from firing the online playbook to the offline playbook 🙌🏼

1. Chat Widget Hours


This setting affects your chat widget icon, your Default Greeting, and enabled playbooks depending on your Targeting display conditions. You can set this up in Settings > App Settings > Chat Widget > Hours & Targeting (here).

As a reminder, enabled playbooks take priority over your Default Greeting.

While the default greeting automatically follows this widget setting, playbooks must be configured to follow them. You can set this up in your display conditions. The display condition, "when "Drift is Online" (or Offline)", follows the chat widget settings. 

Scroll down on the same page to find the setting to set Drift offline if everyone’s away …

Ready to set it up? Read step by step instructions for hours & targeting settings here!


2. Team Hours


You can create different teams of your users, and edit their hours within their settings.


Set this up here (settings > team settings > teams).

3. Individual Status


This is when you manually change your status, as a single agent. You can do this by clicking on your avatar on the bottom of your lefthand sidebar.

Note: This does not affect mode of chat widget.

You can track when your users are Available and Away using the User Log feature.

Check out these help docs to learn more about team settingsdifferent user roles and the difference between status vs. mode

How this impacts routing


If you use lead routing, you’ll only be automatically added to conversations when you’re “Active”. You won’t be added to any conversations when you’re “Away”. Get more info about Active and Away status here.

Calendar drops used with lead routing do not consider your Active and Away status.
Salesforce routing  does not take individual status into account.


A lot of our customers ask us why or why not someone was routed into a conversation when they were online or offline. 

So, to make this decision-making process more transparent, we've made a new feature that shows which users were Available ✅ and which users were Unavailable 🚫.

Here's an example: 



Sometimes, users are marked Unavailable here even when they are online. There are a few possibilities on why this might have happened:

  1. Their calendar isn't connected when the bot is supposed to drop a calendar
  2. They're already present in the conversation
  3. They've reached their conversation limit.


For Pro plan and up, Team Availability helps take care of those times when you're marked Available but aren't around to respond. 

Learn more about the Team Availability bot skill here.



Questions or Concerns? Chat with us now in the widget down below or email support@drift.com

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