Vidyard Integration: Send Personalized Videos and Screen Recordings Right From Drift

Being able to send personalized videos and screen recordings is something that should be seamless in a conversation-driven marketing setting, which is why Drift has partnered with Vidyard! 


With Vidyard's GoVideo widget, you can now enable video & screen capture in Drift. If you have a Vidyard account, the integration is super easy! 


If you dont have a Vidyard account yet, you can create one when you first launch Vidyard GoVideo in Drift.  

This integration is available on all plans!



Here's how it works: 

Go to your Apps page in your Drift account and click on the Vidyard option down at the bottom of the page:

Once you click on the Vidyard Integration, you can turn it on super easily just by toggling "Add Vidyard to Drift" on.

From there, you'll be able to see the Vidyard option in the conversations view:


You will then be asked to login to your Vidyard account, or sign up for an account if you don't have one:


Once you've authorized your account, you will be able to see your library of videos that you've taken with Vidyard, or you have the option to create a new video!


These are the options you have when creating a new video:


You will have to install the Vidyard chrome extension in order to use this integration 


Once you have everything installed, you can record your screen and save it to your Library!

Once you insert your video into Drift, your Site Visitors will be able to click and watch the video right inside the chat widget.


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