Turn Drift Offline When All Agents Are Set to Away

There are two status options in Drift right now: Agent Status and Widget Status. These two settings control different things: Agent status affects your teammates being routed to conversations, while Widget status affects your Drift widget messaging (online/offline messages), and they used to work separately from each other. 

But now, using our new feature called "Team Availability" you can automatically turn Drift offline when all of your agents have set themselves to "Away"! This will turn Drift offline during normally scheduled hours if necessary.

When someone becomes “Active” again we will automatically resume your normal scheduled online hours and turn Drift online again. This can help teams ensure that they are setting the right expectations for their site visitors.

Awesome! So how do I set this up?

Head to your Chat Widget Settings and take a look at your "Hours & Targeting" setup: 

Make sure your Drift Widget Online/Offline status is set to "Automatic". This feature will not work if your hours are set to be manual. You should be able to see the Team Availability toggle under your scheduled hours : 

There you have it! This is a great feature for international teams who want to set the right expectations for their customers all around the world when there is someone there to chat with them, and when there isnt! 

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