Targeting people by URLs in Playbooks

When you’re creating a Playbook, you have the option to set “display when” criteria. One of those options are to target a specific URL. In this doc, we’re going to address some of the most common questions about that functionality

Note: you can learn more about how  display when targeting works  here .

Does the announcement you create only show to that site visitor once?

Once a visitor is sent an announcement or survey, it will stay there until they interact with it. Interaction means clicking to open it, or clicking to dismiss it.

If I target a specific URL, will the Playbook only display on the chosen URL if the visitor changes pages?

In short, not quite.

While the Playbook will only display for the first time on the URL you choose, once delivered, the announcement/survey will remain there until it’s interacted with, even if they change URLs.

So if you set a message to display on your pricing page, it will be delivered to somebody who goes on that page. If they they navigate away from that page to your /about page, they will still see the message there if it’s a slider.

We’ll likely change this in the future so that if you choose to display a message on /pricing, and /pricing only, it will dismiss itself when the visitor changes URLs and display again when they go back to /pricing if they have not interacted with it yet.

If you choose a “takeover” as the delivery method it will be contained to that specific page because it forces the visitor to click on a CTA or dismiss it.

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