Get Started with Conversational Marketing in Under an Hour

But first, What does Drift do for you?

Drift’s AI qualifies the leads already on your site without any forms, automatically fills your appointment book with only the best-fit accounts, and connects you with hot prospects now while giving you all the Intel you need to have more meaningful conversations.

X-RAY Vision for Leads

Drift qualifies and connects you with the right people on your site 24/7, without any forms…

And it even shows you which companies your anonymous visitors work for so you’ll always know how to allocate your time. Your CRM, Marketing, and Sales tools will always be up to date. 

AI Sales Development Rep

Drift schedules best-fit accounts on your calendar automatically…

And handles the busywork like sending invites, reminders, handling reschedules, and reminders!). All without overbooking you. You’ll even get a full meeting prep to save you hours of research each day.

Meaningful Conversations

Drift connects you now with the people who are ready to talk NOW...

And when people in your pipeline come back to the website, they’ll be greeted by name and routed based on rules you decide upon.

Your ABM accounts will always be routed to the right rep and given a fastlane, like magic.

Now, let's get back to this.

1. Install Drift Now ✅

Installing Drift 🔗 on your website in just a few clicks is the first step in getting started!

Always stay connected on your desktop when you add the Drift Chrome Extension 🔗 to your web browser.

Never miss a conversation from your mobile device with the iOS 🔗 or Android 🔗app and the right notification settings 🔗.

2. Connect with Customers 💬

Create your Drift Profile 🔗 and 📆 connect your calendar 🔗 to start booking meetings with leads now.

Now you are ready to ask your team to join you 🔗 in Drift.

Set up your 👋Welcome Messages 🔗 and Other Important Settings.

Tell Drift about your company’s global 🕐working hours 🔗and 🚀targeting conditions 🔗, so we can respond for you when you need time away (like at night.)

3. Automate with Playbooks ⚡

Give your Company 🔗& 🤖LeadBot 🔗 a name 🔗 and tell Drift how to manage incoming requests with 👉lead routing 🔗.

The Book More Meetings 🔗 Playbook is either already set up in your account or it’s waiting for you as a template when you head into your Playbooks screen. Also, here's how to book meetings with Drift 🔗 for sales pros.

Share it with your team as a conversational landing page 🔗. Here’s how to do it. Press the green buttons to get started.

Connect the integrations 🔗 to your favorite apps.

4. Congratulations! You just got started with Drift.

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