Greet Outbound Prospects You Emailed

Have More Conversations by Greeting Your Prospects! 

This playbook will function by default if you are using the Drift Chrome Extension to track emails sent through Gmail or if you are using Sales Sequence Emails. 

Download the extension here.

Listen to how powerful this is. You're emailing with a prospect, and in that email, you include a link to your site. When they click that link and land on your page, they are instantly greeted with a personalized message! 

Don't worry - we're doing the heavy lifting for you here! This playbook, called "Greet Prospects You Emailed" is prepackaged with appropriate targeting conditions!  

To explain a bit more about how this playbook works - continue reading! 

What Prospects See

You can of course customize the wording here - just as with other playbooks. Just click on the "Greet Prospects You Emailed" in the playbooks tab to edit!

How it Looks from the Inside

This playbook comes with a built in personalization tokens so you can greet prospects by their first name or company name! Just click on "Personalization" to edit. 

To Invite Teammates to Use the Extension: 

Scroll down to see....


We've already set up the default Goals and Targeting for you! 

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to have more conversations! 

Want more customization or want to create a special experiences for each rep?
Check this video out:

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