Salesforce Routing

Using Salesforce? No need to worry about setting up complex workflows in order to properly handle Drift conversations. With SFDC Routing, ensure the right rep is being routed to the right lead. 

Salesforce Routing is available on  Drift Pro Plans and above

Here's how to set it up:

You can set up your Salesforce routing rules by going to the Lead Routing section under Team Settings and adding a new rule.

Don't forget to connect your Salesforce Account and map your Users before this step!

  • You can do this by heading to Settings > App Settings > Apps > find Salesforce and select Mapped Salesforce Users

With your users properly mapped, you can customize how Drift handles Routing within a conversation according to Salesforce.

Like it says in the screenshot, Drift will follow a specific order when routing someone to a conversation. You can have the logic check any user field in Salesforce. 

Here are the options:


  • Lead Owner
  • Created By ID
  • Last Modified By ID


  • Contact Owner
  • Created By ID
  • Last Modified By ID


  • Account Owner
  • Created By ID
  • Last Modified By ID 


The drop downs for Leads, Contacts, and Accounts will also pickup any lookup field that refers to a Salesforce User object. 

For example, you may want to route to a Business Development Representative or Customer Success Manager:



Once you customize the logic for your Salesforce Routing Rule, double check your Mapped Salesforce Users. 

Name your routing rule and click Publish!


Make sure to add an email capture question in your LeadBot playbooks, which will ensure that you can identify the person who is interacting with the Bot. Our system will then be able to look up the correct rep using the email to follow your Rule's settings. 

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