Sales Sequences vs Marketing Emails

If you find yourself asking, "Which plans get Drift Email for Marketing? Who gets Drift Sequences? What's an email seat?" then this is the post for you.

Drift Email for Marketing is the Standard Plan and above.

Sales ("Drift Sequences") vs Marketing ("Drift Email for Marketing")

Sales email (created by: admins and users)

Marketing emails (created by: admins only)

Where does it come from?

Sales: Sent through Gmail

Marketing: Sent through Drift

The goal

Sales: Drift Sequences helps your sales team create seamless buying experiences by saving them hours a day when emailing their prospects and connecting those buyers to real-time messaging

Marketing: Drift Email for Marketing helps marketers create seamless buying experiences by offering smarter segmentation (excludes sales-engaged contacts) and connecting automated email to real-time messaging

How to set audience for email

Sales: Manual enrollment (individual or bulk) into sequences through Drift or Salesforce

Marketing: Select segments (static or dynamic) to receive the email(s)

Is it automatic?

Sales: No, but it streamlines your process so it's much lighter lifting. You're still sending 1-to-1 emails through gmail, we're just helping you by:

1. letting you create templates to use over and over again and

2. giving you a way to bulk select the people you want to send them through

Marketing: Yes. If you set up an automated email playbook, whenever someone is added or removed from that segment, they will receive or stop receiving those emails. 

How do users become unenrolled?

Sales: If a user responds, they become unenrolled from the sequence. This feature will always remain toggled on.

Marketing: If they are either chat engaged or sales engaged. These are two "smart filter" features we have that can be turned on or off. Additionally, there is an option to toggle on unenroll when people reply to the email. The person who sends the email has to have their Gmail account connected for this to work.

Chat engaged = they have chatted in through the widget Sales engaged = they are enrolled in an active sales sequence or have received a sales email

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