Set Up Routing Rules

One of the most important things when talking to your leads or customers is making sure that people get connected to the right person at your company. Especially in sales teams, different sales reps have different territories and ownership across different things such as location, company size, and more. 

Drift rules allow for you to make sure that leads get to the right rep, right away.


This feature is in the Pro Plan and above. The Default Rule is available for all accounts.

In order to create rules, you can head right to your rules and get rolling!

Some things to know about creating rules:

  • Rules add participants to a conversation. You can have a rule specific to each person on your team or you can choose multiple people for a single rule and decide whether or not they all get added to each new conversation or if it rotates between all of the chosen people by only adding one person at a time
  • These rules can be edited at any time
  • We have some pre-built geographic territories for you (Europe, Northeast, etc) and you can also create your own custom territories.

First, you'll choose what kind of rule you want to have (in the below example, we have chosen a geographic based condition)





Once you do that, you'll create the locations for which this rule applies

We automatically grab the IP address of visitors that come to your website and can figure out what country or state they're coming from. It's like magic! 


From there, you'll choose which participants to add to any new conversation with that lead. You'll see on the left that you can add multiple people or simply rotate it to one person from your options automatically.



Once you finish and name your rule, you'll see a list of all the rules you've created. 


You can re-order these rules to choose which order they'll be evaluated in by clicking on the 6 dots that show up next to any rule you're hovering over.

Types of Routing:

    • Geolocation - ability to select specific geographic areas to assign to certain reps
    • Website behavior - number of visits on the site
    • URL - variou URL parameters
    • Firmographics - enriched data about companies pulled from IP address
    • Salesforce - pulls in the rep associated with the account in Salesforce to the conversation
    • Targeted Accounts - similar to Salesforce routing, but it would pull in the Drift account owner
At this time, you can't use additional filters with the Salesforce and Targeted Accounts routing rules. 


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