Playbooks™ Reporting

You may have noticed a feature in your account called Playbooks™! Playbooks™ are prepackaged campaigns you can launch on the Drift messaging platform, and with this comes some new Dashboard reporting. 

When you scroll down to your Playbooks™ reporting in your Dashboard, you will notice separate numbers, calculating the amount of engagement that Playbook received, as well as the amount of interaction that came from the Playbook™.

By clicking on the metrics provided, the graph will change to display those numbers! 

On the bottom of the graph, you will notice that we also keep track of Leads Captured and Percent Conversion Rate. 

Screen Recording 2017-07-24 at 11.24 AM.gif

If you want to change the date range shown on this reporting, you can always do so at the top of the Dashboard

If you are looking to export the data collected from your Bot flow, you can do so in your reporting! 

You can also filter your reporting based on the goals that your audience reached within the playbook: 

When you are in your reporting view, click on "People". This will bring you to a page of all the people, anonymous or not, that have seen your Playbook. 

To filter through these people, you can click the dropdown menu, and sort through the people who have reached specific goals of your Playbook: 

The Metrics You See Are Described Below: 

  • Sent: The amount of users who were delivered the Playbook because they fell into your Audience and Display Condition
  • Clicked: If you have a CTA in your Playbook, this metric will measure how many users clicked on your CTA
  • Dismissed: This metric will be associated with Playbooks like Full Screen Takeovers, that can be dismissed without interacting with the CTA. This metric does not apply to all playbooks.
  • Conversations: Will apply to any playbook where there is the possibility to start a conversation
  • Goal Reached: Will apply to any playbooks where there are multiple goals associated with the Playbook (Leadbot Playbooks). This will show all users who reached any of the available goals you have set up.
  • Meeting Booked: Will apply to any playbook where there is a Book a Meeting option.

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