Sending One-Click Meetings

Please note that this functionality is only available for Gmail users.

Have you ever felt a little uncomfortable emailing an important prospect and giving them a link to click through and schedule time on your Drift-connected calendar? We've flipped that process on its head - along with your email you can now send your upcoming availability for your prospects to book time on your calendar in one click. Here's how.

First, make sure that you have your calendar connected to Drift. You can connect either your Google or Outlook calendar. You'll also need to download the Drift Chrome Extension.

Once you have your calendar connected and the Chrome extension installed, you're ready to insert your availability into emails in Gmail. All you have to do is either click "Insert Default" or click the arrow to choose from your different meeting types.



The recipient can simply click any time slot in the window to book that time and receive the standard confirmation email.

At the moment, the window shows your first 3 available time slots in the next 3 days, with the option for visitors to head to your Drift profile if they want to see more options.

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