Marketing Email Reporting

Your marketing email playbooks come with a robust and detailed reporting page to get all the information about how they're performing. 


There are 5 stats you can view - Total Enrolled, Total Clicks, Total Conversations, Total Lost, and Total Dollars Influenced, where you can click each number to reveal it's corresponding graph with a further breakdown. This timeframe of this information can be adjusted using the dropdown in the top right to be This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, All Time, and Since Last Update (the stats since you last edited the emails.)

Total Enrolled

This is the Total Enrolled stat view. By default, we show a graph for the total enrollment of your email playbook.

  1. You can also see graphs for Total Unenrolled (the total number of people unenrolled before completing the playbook), and Total Completed (the total number of people who received all emails but didn't start a conversation.)
  2. Click here to show/hide data for the current timeframe or previous timeframe. (For example, if you have "This Week" selected at the top right, the "Previous" button while show/hide last week's data.)
  3. See the unenrollment for each email in the playbook. This is helpful for seeing how your audience is doing throughout different stages of the playbook.

Total Clicks

In the Total Clicks view, we offer 4 different stats

  • Sends - total amount of sent emails in this playbook, across all of the emails in the playbook
  • Deliveries - total number of actually delivered emails from the playbook
  • Opens - total unique opens of emails in this playbook (i.e. only 1 per recipient per email)
  • Clicks - total unique clicks in this playbook

You can also the stats per email in the table at the bottom.

Total Conversations

The Total Conversations view shows the number of chats started from the playbook and the number of meetings booked from it. The breakdown for each email in the playbook is at the bottom.

Total Lost

The Total Lost view shows number of lost recipients from the playbook. A recipient could be lost because:

  • the address was invalid and the email was returned to sender (Bounced)
  • the recipient opted out of receiving emails from you (Unsubscribed)

As with the other stats, a breakdown for each email can be seen at the bottom.

Total Dollars Influenced

The Total Dollars Influenced shows the amount of revenue generated by those who were sent this specific email campaign. 

As Drift pushes data to Salesforce, it can track when a prospect moves along the sales cycle and becomes a customer. Therefore, Drift can acknowledge if this email campaign influenced that process in any way, displaying the total dollar amount in this section. 

  • Just like the other tabs, Total Dollars Influence has an interactive graph below it that shows day-by-day performance, including past week comparisons if you hover over the data point.


Lastly, if you click the People tab up at the top, you can see the list of recipients, their Company Name, Status (enrollled/unenrolled), whether they opened and clicked the playbook, and if they chatted from it.

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