March 2018

Disable Free-Text Inputs

For the purpose of making sure the value of a reps’ time in chat is maximized, we’ve introduced a feature that limits a site visitors ability to chat freely. Instead, you'll have the option to only allow visitors select your pre-constructed responses.

Site Visitor's View:

See how to set it up from the Drift User's point of view!

Password and Security Update

Security Compliance is a must here at Drift. Starting today users will enter their current password before being able to change it. We also added notices that pop up if your password doesn't fulfill the required characters and length.


Enroll Users in Sequences from Gmail

Now, when writing an email from your Gmail account, you can enroll the recipient in an email sequence. Simply click on the "enroll in sequence" button and the sequencing window seen in Salesforce and Drift will come up so you can select which one to use!

Here is what it looks like in Gmail:

New Zero Inbox Background

After receiving some feedback, we changed the background of the conversation tab. Now, when there are no open conversations, instead of seeing the "High Five Guy" you will see a squeaky clean mail icon!



Email Editor Spellcheck

The email editor within Drift now has spellcheck! This spellchecker uses the one that the browser has built-in, so it will be properly localized in other languages.

Multiple Lead Routing Conditions

Administrators can now set a combination of lead routing rules with multiple matching conditions in order to further customize the routing experience.

Clarity on URL Targeting

When users are customizing targeting conditions for their playbooks, they can now see how Drift defines URL Host, a live example of their input, and a verification tool for double checking the URL.

Outbound Sequence Preview

A new preview feature allows users to see what their outbound email looks like before sending it to customers.

User On Boarding Reminder

Remind users who haven't gotten started on their profiles by re-sending invitations under the Team Settings section. If a member of the team has not initiated the on boarding process, like Andrew here, Admins can now let them know!

Bulk Permission Modification

Administrators can no longer edit the permissions for multiple users that have different sets of permissions. In order to alter permissions in bulk, each user being changed must have the same permissions as the others.

Meetings in Gmail Now Available in Sequences

Now users can place their calendars with available times on outbound sequences. Make sure your calendar is integrated, your profile is completed, and then simply insert a "Upcoming Availability" token in your message within the Sequence playbook.

Playbook Names in Table

The playbook table now displays the type of each playbook, allowing users to see what kind of playbook it is without having to select it.

Playbook/Sales Sequencing Report Shows Most Recent Sender

When looking at a playbook's overview or a sales sequence overview, select the People tab to see the who sent the most recent email to the end-user. This is super helpful when used in tandem with our dynamic email sender feature!

Revenue Targeting

For those who have the Clearbit integration, you can now use revenue as a targeting condition for playbooks. Bots will be able to engage visitors based off of the revenue information found through Clearbit.

Push Original and/or Recent Conversation Info to SFDC, HS, and Marketo

When mapping attributes to sync into Salesforce, HubSpot, or Marketo, users can now include the pages the original and the most recent conversation started on.

Unenrollment Reasons

In the Marketing Email reporting section, click the People Tab to see why contacts may have stopped receiving emails in your marketing campaign. Some examples include, Unenrolled (Manually), Unenrolled (Exited Segment), Unenrolled (Sales Engaged Contact), as well as unsubscribes and bounces.

Freemium Dashboards

Freemium users now have a dashboard that shows the Drift Overview graph if they have conversations. It also comes with help banners and a beautiful checklist to help get started.

Create New Contact in CRM

In Drift's CRM, users can now manually enter contacts! From the contact page, simply click the the drop down menu on the top right of the screen and select "Create New Contact." The fields will make sure to verify email and contact info as the contact is saved.

Localized Scheduling

The scheduling bot flow and associated widgets are now localized. This allows international customers to book meetings without having their visitors switch to english mid conversation.

Chat Condition for Email Campaigns

Users can now set up chat playbooks that will display when recipients of email campaigns follow links back to the site. When creating a chat playbook, under Targeting, select Display and use the drop down menu to find the name of the email campaign you wish to target.

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